Hey Mamas

We’re Sara Hussey and Cristina Bocanegra. Sisters, mothers, and entrepreneurs. Between the two of us, we have 5 businesses and 3 children.

We dreamed up Current after attending dozens of creative events. While we walked away with insights for growing our businesses, we always felt a void where being a working mother stood. How do we achieve success both professionally and personally while navigating motherhood? 

We were moved to create Current, a one day conference for women entrepreneurs or mompreneurs, just like us. Our hope with Current is to encourage, support, and share resources with other women who are riding the same wave. We want Current to serve as a platform and intersection of womanhood, motherhood, and creativity. 

Connect with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, gain resources and tools to launch or grow your business, enjoy meaningful conversations from our keynote speakers, and do it all within an intimate, inviting, and inspiring space.

There will be time to reflect and opportunities to get deep. We’ll keep you nourished with delicious drinks and tasty treats throughout the day. Enjoy curated gift bags and installations from our partners.

Invest in yourself and your dreams. #currentconference2019